CruzBike Silvio Recumbent

OK, I want one of these.

Silvio Cruz Bike

Silvio Cruz Bike.

At just under 5′ 3″ tall, I don’t even know if I”m tall enough to ride this one. I have mixed feelings tho because it makes me feel as though I’m crossing over the “old lady” line here but it’s obviously super-fast and uses regular road bike components.
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  1. Don’t know if you have kept up on the latest on this bike but Maria Parker broke the 12 hour world record on this bike in October.
    On YouTube.

    I have had mine since september of 2009 (37 year old daily commuter) and I am approximately 10-15% faster over a 17 mile, hilly, and heavy traffic commute. Climbing is really fast and my upper body is also toned from the front wheel drive. It is light, fast, and most people think it looks totally bad ass.

    No “old lady” problems here.

  2. Thanks for the link! That was fun to see. Maria is amazing. Makes me REALLY want one now. Neat to get the side view of her riding. Weird ending tho. I assume she fell since she had some road rash.

    You have a very long commute. Sounds like the bike is perfect for you AND you can look like a bad ass on a bad ass bike! Very cool. Do you have to deal with any snow?

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