Bike Commuting As Therapy

There are so many benefits to riding a bike to work.

  • I can “work-out” with a purpose. It kind of sucks to know people have to make a point to exercise since our lifestyles are so sedentary. It ain’t natural.
  • It’s fun to be outside. Even when it’s kind of dreary out.
  • I can de-stress after a long day or get any unexpressed anger or longing out of my system as I head up one of the many hills I encounter.
  • I can see if there is anything good in anybody’s trash cans before they get picked up in the morning. Mark works at home so if  I see anything swell I call him, give him the approximate intersection and he can hop in the car and pick it up for me.
  • I can hear people say “you ride your bike to work?!?”
  • I can feel superior for about 30 minutes.
  • I can get stared at by people in cars. People who, until I got on my bike and they got in their cars, were just like me. Now, I’m like a circus attraction when I stop for a light. I so wish I had a karaoke machine for my bike.
  • I can wear bitchin’ legwarmers.
Legwarmers are swell for bicycling.

Legwarmers are swell for bicycling.

And yes, I know, super fashionable with the rain pants.

And YOU can do the same. Just get out there and pedal!

Enjoy the weekend. I’ll be doing my taxes…finally…I love stress.


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