The New Sewing Machine Is Here! The New Sewing Machine Is Here!

My new/old Pfaff 561 sewing machine is home!

My Pfaff sewing machine pre-motor transplant.

My Pfaff sewing machine pre-motor transplant.

Along with it’s brand spankin’ new motor that I need to install. The motor is HEAVY. Stay tuned for the harrowing updates of my transforming a 220V factory set-up to a 110V home operation. I also need to create a knee-lift for the presser foot.

I started a trend. My brother and sister are both getting machines too. I bought them cheap from my old employer, a jeanswear maker. They used to sew prototypes…not anymore…it’s all done in Hong Kong and Mexico now. Sad. BUT,  nobody in America wanted to pay more than $30 for a pair of jeans. So, they sold all their machines.

It will be great to sew at home now! Although my day job employer’s machines are there for a back-up. My boss lets me use the company machines. He rocks.

So, my baby is home and in a few days I’ll be ready to sew at bunch of new Re-Velo bags. I have LOTS of ideas for new stuff. Subscribe to my RSS feed and you’ll be the first to see what I’m up to.



  1. Barbara says:

    I saw this article and thought of you and Mark – a contest for building a perfect “transportaion” bike.

    The bamboo bike he showed me may be perfect!

    And Congrats on the new sewing machine – you must be excited to start using it at home!


    • Hi Barbara!

      Thanks for the info. We just enter that. He got the bottom bracket ready for the crankset yesterday for my bamboo bike so it is on the home stretch now!

  2. Boy oh boy! Whatta beast!

    Do ya have it up and running now?

    • Hey Michelle!

      Yes, it’s up and running. I’ve made several things with it. I love it.

      I’m working on some purse/fanny pack/handlebar bags now. I’ll put some pics up when I have some.

      Thanks for checking out my site! Do you have a blog now?


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