Labor Day in Re-Velo Land

Sorry about the lateness of this post…but here it is in all its glory, nontheless.

Labor Day brought a productive trip to Maj-R Thrift at 47th and Mission Road. We rode our bicycles from the house. It’s less than 3 miles so no big deal. I had both panniers on my Specialized and used ’em both.

My Maj-R Thrity Booty

My Maj-R Thrity Booty

I spent under $50 and got 25 belts, 10 purses and a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren wool pants. I’ll make those into riding pants for Mark for winter.

I stopped in front of the store and whipped out my handy pocket knife and starting cutting all the belts off the buckles and D-rings since all I wanted was the hardware, and being on a bike with limited storage space, I wanted to lighten the load. A nice couple stopped to look at our bicycles and we started talking. They make corsets and things for the Renaissance Fair so they took a lot of the belt material for their projects! It was serendipity.

Later in the day I drove (I know, I should have ridden my bike but it was late) to Hancock’s Fabrics on Metcalf and 93rd. All their notions were 50% off. I bought some twill tape and seam binding to experiment with, along with some rivets to make belts with. The seam binding is very tough to use but if I can get it to work, it will be perfect to finish some seams with on a new pouch I’m working on.

I also got some very cool reflective tape in 3 sizes. I want to use it on handlebar bags. i may try a seat bag but I’m not sure yet.

I’ll post info and photos soon about my purse prototypes. I’ve been remiss in posting all summer. Lots going on and I’ve been lazy for sure.

But, I made a lot of bags and grew lots of tomatoes, peppers, melons, cukes and herbs so all was not sloth!


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