My New Bamboo Cargo Bike is Lovely and Amazing

OK, I am now officially the luckiest girl in the world. I own a handmade bamboo cargo bike.  It rides beatifully and if I was fast, it would be too.

Bamboo Cargo Bike At the Post Office

I’ve been riding it for almost a month now. Just short trips so far. I’ve carried very heavy loads and nothing at all. It rides well with both. Marko added a bigger chain ring since it was geared so low I couldn’t really pedal going over 13 mph or so.  So, I’m testing a much larger gear set up. So far so good.

Here are some photos.

The wheelbase is 5 inches longer than a standard bike and the rack is part of the frame. My Basil panniers fit perfectly on it. I will get a wicker basket for the front also.

Mark is now building another bamboo and steel frame. Totally different geometry. Can’t wait to try it.


New handlebar and stem set-up on Bamboo bike

Bamboo bike now has new stem and bars.

Cockpit view of new handlebars.

Having a live-in bike mechanic does have it’s perks….

I now have a dove bar (I think) instead of the mary bar. I loved the mary bar but I never expect to have the same bike month to month so I’m giving this a whirl. Marko also put a longer stem on it. I may go even longer but I’ll give this one a week-long test to see what I think.

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Local KC metro readers,  this time of year is slow for bike mechanics, so, if you need a spring tune-up, repair, carbon frame repair, or even a custom bamboo bike, now is the perfect time. Marko can turn around a simple repair or tune-up in 24 hours. He has 30 years experience and lots of references. Send an email to Marko now. )

Shameless Plug 2: I also love the Boulevard brewing beer corks he put on. Adds a nice touch. I’m hoping to get a free bottle or two of Tank 7 now….or anything from the Smokestack Series if anyone from Boulevard is reading….

Here’s to great beer and warmer weather! It looks like it should be a great week for bike commuting in KC.


Re-Velo Bamboo / Carbon / Aluminum Commuter Bike Naming Contest

Bamboo bike with carbon rack and panniers

Bamboo bike with carbon rack and panniers

OK, here’s the latest photo of my fine ride. She’s now a bamboo cargo bike since my bike mechanic bonded on a FABULOUS made-from-scratch carbon fiber rack. Oh, he built the bike too. He’s pretty amazing. The bike is built from my Trek X01 cyclocross frame so it’s aluminum, bamboo and carbon fiber. He used carbon fiber sleeves and tow on the joints. The rack is carbon fiber rods bonded together and to the bike. The bike and and rack and my headlight, bottle cage, etc. weighs 21 lbs. The guys at Epic Bike and Sport weighed it for me last week. Not sure how much the panniers weigh but they are heavy.

So, what do I call her? (Not that she comes when I call her….) I have no idea, so I need yours!

Give me some ideas and win!

I’ll give the top 3 name entries a Tool / Accessory Bag.

It’s perfect for stashing a spare tube, C02 cartridge, patch kit and tire levers. Or for you girly girls….Make-up! I put an extra blinky light in mine too. I use one of mine for my iPod too.

Enter today!

[contact-form 3 “Name My Bike Contest”]


My New Bamboo Bike Is Done!

Never thought I’d say this but….

Mark finished my bamboo bike! Remember the one I said was almost finished months ago? He decided he didn’t like the design and started over. He built this one from my Trex X01 cross frame which was just a smidge too big for me. Now it’s perfect…and bamboo.

My bamboo bicycle

My bamboo bicycle

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Notice the hay bale motif. I bought 16 of those for my garden. I’m going for a year-round harvest.

Anyhoo…I’ll be spending the weekend making fliers and bags for my sponsorship of the Boulevard Cup Cross on October 18th. And I HOPE  I can get some riding in too.


My Bamboo Bicycle Is Almost Finished

Mark is on the home stretch. He’s nearly done with my bamboo bicycle. Here’s a sneak peak.

my bamboo bike in progress

Bamboo Bike nearly complete.

He still has more work to do, of course. Lots of sanding and more struts, I think. He came up with the design. I think it’s really great. The frame creates a rack over the back wheel. The black is carbon fiber. Very high-tech, eh?

I think I’m going to call her Bambina. Whataya think? I hope to take her to the Pedaler’s Jamboree in Columbia, MO this weekend. It’s on the KATY trail, nice and flat. It will be a good test. A relaxing ride with good music, good food and good people.


Bam! It’s Bamboo!

Mark just finished his first bamboo bike! It rocks!

Mark's first bamboo bike

Mark’s first hand-made bamboo bike.

He rode it to meet me after work on Friday. He was jumping around on it to test the frame and broke a spoke. but the bike is holding up beautifully. I get one next! He wants to build me a recumbent using pieces of a mountain bike frame with a shock in it. I can’t wait!

Bamboo bicycle by Mark G.

Mark designed and built his own bamboo bicycle.

Isn’t it a beauty? We rode over to Volker on Saturday, then to Sage and Daisy, then to the Westport Coffee House and he had people asking about the bamboo bike all the way. My bike? Not so much. But soon…