My New Bamboo Cargo Bike is Lovely and Amazing

OK, I am now officially the luckiest girl in the world. I own a handmade bamboo cargo bike.  It rides beatifully and if I was fast, it would be too.

Bamboo Cargo Bike At the Post Office

I’ve been riding it for almost a month now. Just short trips so far. I’ve carried very heavy loads and nothing at all. It rides well with both. Marko added a bigger chain ring since it was geared so low I couldn’t really pedal going over 13 mph or so.  So, I’m testing a much larger gear set up. So far so good.

Here are some photos.

The wheelbase is 5 inches longer than a standard bike and the rack is part of the frame. My Basil panniers fit perfectly on it. I will get a wicker basket for the front also.

Mark is now building another bamboo and steel frame. Totally different geometry. Can’t wait to try it.


Neato Stuff from Portland, Oregon

Portland’s Fashion Week included a bike fashion show.

The Portland Mercury wrote an article about it and included a photo slideshow.

And here’s an article about a cool trailer made by Rejuiced Bike Concepts. article.


K-State Groundskeepers Ride Bikes!

Found this in the news today….sounds like a dream job.

K-State Gardeners Ride Bikes!


Here’s an excerpt:

“We have some pretty old equipment around here and sometimes it can be pretty unreliable,” said Joe Myers, head of grounds maintenance for K-State. “Some of the student employees on the flower crew thought that they could handle everything on a bicycle.”

After adding large baskets and crates to their small fleet of bikes, crew members found that they were able to transport themselves and most of their gear easily and quickly.

The workers also enjoyed riding from site to site and reaping the health benefits.

“With what other job can you say you get exercise while working,” said Annette Finkeldei, a senior in horticulture, Manhattan, and leader of the student flower crew. “It’s great because I don’t have to carve out a part of my day to stay fit like most people.”

On average, the bikers cover eight to 10 miles a day, which is about an hour in the saddle.”

And a link…


Cannondale Stops US Production

One of the reasons I liked Cannondale was the fact that their frames were made in the USA. Not anymore…

I just read this on
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