Tour De Brew – Filling and Delicious!

The first annual Tour De Brew was  a blast! Over 800 people signed up! Amazing for a 1st time bicycling event in KC.

I did the 15 miler on my trusty Bambina with my huge Basil panniers, allowing me to carry 2 small children if need be. Luckily, I didn’t need to.

rode bamboo bike on the Tour De Brew - slogan of the day

I met up with my pal Elise, who was riding solo also so we decided to team up for our brewery-seeing tour. She had a real camera so she got some lovely photos. She makes some wild and wacky stuff. Check out her stuff  at Pilot Valve.

We missed a few places since not all were marked for the slightly unawares (myself). Only got stopped by one train (in the west bottoms) and we saw a deer! It was scrambling up and over the railroad tracks heading towards DST on SW Blvd.  [Read more…]


This Dog Loves to Ride

Caesar patiently awaits a bicycle ride. He LOVES riding in anything on a bike. A basket, trailer, pannier, backpack…you name it.

My Dog Loves Riding Bikes

This has nothing to do with my inner tube bag business or bike commuting but he often rides with us so I thought it was time to show another cute picture of him.