My New Commuter Bicycle – Cannondale F7

Cannondale F7

My new commuter. Yes, yes, I fenders, etc.

OK, so it’s not new, I think I got it in 2007. Mark is overhauling my beautiful Bam-Bam so until it’s finished, I’m riding this Cannondale F7 mountian bike. It’s fun. [Read more…]


I thought it was kinda cold….

…for my bike commute.


But nice and sunny. I did have to put one hand at a time in my pocket to keep them warm but for the last couple of miles, they seemed to warm up.

I put black gaffer’s tape over my shoes since the tops are mesh. My feet were definitely cold after 6 miles. I usually tape them up inside and out for winter. I should find some nice fur-lined boots and put cleats in the bottom…

The last part going down the hill from Lamar towards Metcalf on 91st, the flags in front of an apartment complex were blowing towards me and there was no coasting to be had. Luckily, not much of my ride is straight west.

I feel for anyone having to work outside today.

I definitely want to buy new gloves for this winter’s bike commute. Anyone have suggestions?


This Dog Loves to Ride

Caesar patiently awaits a bicycle ride. He LOVES riding in anything on a bike. A basket, trailer, pannier, backpack…you name it.

My Dog Loves Riding Bikes

This has nothing to do with my inner tube bag business or bike commuting but he often rides with us so I thought it was time to show another cute picture of him.



Re-Velo Bamboo / Carbon / Aluminum Commuter Bike Naming Contest

Bamboo bike with carbon rack and panniers

Bamboo bike with carbon rack and panniers

OK, here’s the latest photo of my fine ride. She’s now a bamboo cargo bike since my bike mechanic bonded on a FABULOUS made-from-scratch carbon fiber rack. Oh, he built the bike too. He’s pretty amazing. The bike is built from my Trek X01 cyclocross frame so it’s aluminum, bamboo and carbon fiber. He used carbon fiber sleeves and tow on the joints. The rack is carbon fiber rods bonded together and to the bike. The bike and and rack and my headlight, bottle cage, etc. weighs 21 lbs. The guys at Epic Bike and Sport weighed it for me last week. Not sure how much the panniers weigh but they are heavy.

So, what do I call her? (Not that she comes when I call her….) I have no idea, so I need yours!

Give me some ideas and win!

I’ll give the top 3 name entries a Tool / Accessory Bag.

It’s perfect for stashing a spare tube, C02 cartridge, patch kit and tire levers. Or for you girly girls….Make-up! I put an extra blinky light in mine too. I use one of mine for my iPod too.

Enter today!

[contact-form 3 “Name My Bike Contest”]


Bike Commuting & Butch, The Frisbee Catching Dog

Had a nice commute this morning. I see this dog on many occasions as I pedal by. I stopped this morning and asked his owner if I could snap some pics to put on my blog, so here is the talented Butch, from Overland Park!

Butch catches his frisbee.

Butch catches his frisbee.

Isn’t he swell?

Butch landing.

Butch landing.


Bike Commuting As Therapy

There are so many benefits to riding a bike to work.

[Read more…]


I’m pimping my ride…

…with an orange NPR radio!

NPR has never sounded better.

NPR has never sounded better.

and yes, I subscribe to KCUR and do a KILLER Kim Noble impersonation.


700 Specialized miles deserves Muddy’s hot chocolate

I finally did it. I rode over 700 miles on Sunday. I rode my bike to work 3 days last week, Saturday and Sunday and back to work yesterday.

I got a ride home last night though. It was late and it was cold. Today was nicer but I was running late. Not a good excuse I know.

I really like my Specialized Vita. It’s just my size (I’m 5 foot 2 and a half, sometimes 3 when I wake up in the morning).

Here’s a new pic of it.

bike in Loose Park, KC, MO

Mr. Loose in his park with our bicycles.┬áNotice how crafty I was in not shooting my shadow…that’s me in the bush.

We also went to Muddy’s. Mark bought me a hot chocolate. It was WONDERFUL.


It’s February, right?

I can’t believe how warm it is! I rode my bike to work – my day job – and I’m getting ready to ride home. My boyfriend came to ride home with me. Have a great evening!


$$ for bike commuting.

Congress passes commuter act. Employers can get $20 per month for each employee who bikes to work!

Check it out here at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.