I thought it was kinda cold….

…for my bike commute.


But nice and sunny. I did have to put one hand at a time in my pocket to keep them warm but for the last couple of miles, they seemed to warm up.

I put black gaffer’s tape over my shoes since the tops are mesh. My feet were definitely cold after 6 miles. I usually tape them up inside and out for winter. I should find some nice fur-lined boots and put cleats in the bottom…

The last part going down the hill from Lamar towards Metcalf on 91st, the flags in front of an apartment complex were blowing towards me and there was no coasting to be had. Luckily, not much of my ride is straight west.

I feel for anyone having to work outside today.

I definitely want to buy new gloves for this winter’s bike commute. Anyone have suggestions?