Sewing Rubber is Fun!

Yes, hard to believe but it’s true. Thankfully I have access to an industrial machine. The mighty Rex. It’s tough to sew – OK, impossible – on my home sewing machine.

Here’s a beauty shot.

Sewing bicycle inner tubes

Mmmm. Rubber!

The tubes are cut to the correct size and ready to be made into lovely and useful Re-Velo bags.



  1. I’m actually trying to do the same thing, but I’m strugging with the stitches jamming. Any tips? I don’t have an industrial machine.


    • I really doubt you can do it without an industrial machine. My home machine can’t handle it at all. Especially if you are doing multiple layers. You also MUST use some sort of silicone spray to get the rubber to slide under the foot and keep the needle somewhat lubricated. I use Dyno Sili-Slide spray.

      Good Luck!

  2. HI, I am also sewing inner tubes to make a fabric…what type of inner tubes do you use? I am using mtb inner tubes but they don’t lie flat

    • Sara,

      Yes, they don’t lie flat. It’s a real challenge. I slit the tubes lengthwise on the inside curve (where the valve is) and that helps a lot. It keeps the bulky part in the middle of the piece and not on the edges. If you look at some messenger bags made of inner tubes you’ll see the waviness in the fabric. That’s why I started with small items and I’m doing prototypes right now of larger things as I get better at working with the rubber. Good luck!

    • Also…I use a Teflon presser foot. It makes a world of difference! I rarely have to use the silicone spray now. Just occasionally on the sewing machine surface under the needle area.

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