Oh, Portland…what a commute!

I got this from portlandize.com It’s so beautiful..and look at the bike lane! How wonderful Kansas City could be if we could just imagine more ways of getting around – and co-existing.

I was just there in November. Someday I think I’ll be moving there.
I’m too old to wait for KC to catch up.



  1. Glad you liked the video :) Portland is definitely a pretty nice place to ride a bike – for all the ways we still get stuck with anti-bike politics and media, we do get a lot of things right as well.

    Cheers, and keep riding! If you find yourself in Portland and want a mini bike tour, look me up :)

  2. thanks for the comment. I was in Portland last November and got to see cyclocross races. I took a ton of photos. Check it out. Not nearly as good as “Dirty Pictures”, but it was for a photo class and I passed!


    I’ll definitely look you up on my next trip…

  3. My wife and I aren’t much of the sporting types, but we are using our bikes more and more just for daily uses. I probably make 95% of my daily trips anywhere by bike these days – to get groceries, to the library, to work, to the book/record store, etc. It’s nice that the inner part of Portland is laid out in such a way that it’s easy to get anywhere, and the distances aren’t too far – it’s not really more than 5 miles from our flat to anywhere I go even on a monthly basis. The right kind of bike, and we only really *need* a car for trips out of the city.

    That being said, there is definitely plenty going on in and around Portland for the sports-inclined cyclist as well, as you saw :)

    Congrats on the photo project and on passing :)

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