Bike Rush Hour Video AND My Bike To Work Day Outfit!

But first, here’s my outfit for Bike To Work Day!

biking attire

Bicycle Fashion – for the not so fashion forward

This video was so inspiring to watch! I may see one or two bikes max on my commute. And usually none! It’s lonely on my commute. This brought a tear to my eye. I want to go back! But for now….since it’s almost 10pm…I need to go home! My final Bike Week Commute…(but don’t cry – I ride year ’round)

Video is courtesy of   I can’t wait to get a video camera! Did I tell you I was probably one of the first female videographers in the USA…or at least the midwest? I started in 1982…cameras were SO heavy…I’ve never owned one so I’m saving up to get one now.

Be safe!



  1. Sue Spade says:

    I took my Re:Velo coin purse in my beach coverup pocket to the pool today. It was so perfect— so flat and inconspicuous in my poolside stuff. And moreover, it’s virtually waterproof. What a great idea and product. I love it.

  2. Hey girl! Glad you love it…and that you got time to go to the pool! Stay tuned…I’m working on new items.

  3. wow sister! now I know what you’ve been doing since the summer sunshine is gone and you have time that you used to spend weeding! wowowowowowow!

    this is the coolest blog I’ve seen!
    Love it!

    far out.

    and a testimonial…
    I’ve been using re-velo coin purse since it was gifted (ok, traded for transplants) in March and I smile each time my hand comes across it in my bag…which also needs to be a re-velo, and I need one for my laptop, and I need one for…

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