New Purse Prototype

New Inner Tube Purse

New Inner Tube Purse

I made a new purse based on the Prototype A favorite. I decided to use plastic hardware so it’s less flashy but the consensus so far, is…BRING BACK THE SILVER METAL!

Here are some pics…what do you think?

Click the pics to enlarge…

And I haven’t forgotten all of you who voted on the prototypes…the drawing is coming….



  1. I absolutely love this prototype, and I have to agree that the metal is better looking and more practical than the plastic. Is this for sale yet? I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced inner tube purse after the green festival in Seattle and haven’t come across any until now. My price range is no higher than $60.00.

  2. Tove,

    Thanks so much for your comment! It’s very helpful to get feedback.

    I am sewing purses today! I’m making the prototype you saw and changing to the metal hardware. I should be able to have it up on the site for you to look at sometime tomorrow.

    The new purse should retail for around $45.

    Thanks again,

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