Wristlet & Grommet Bag for August

I made a new purse this week.

inner tube wristlet with grommet strap

I’ll be honest….it was a mistake. I was sewing along  just swimmingly and had it almost done then I realized…uh oh, no strap. What to do? Well, poke a hole in it of course! Then add a grommet, then a ring I found at a thrift shop, slide on a cool little wrist strap and voila – NOW we have some fashion here, people!

AndiIt feels all swingy and sassy hanging off my wrist, for sure. I took it out for field testing


  • 7 inches wide by almost 9 inches tall.
  • 7″ zipper
  • Made of recycled bike inner tubes (no surprise there),  a thrift shop metal ring, new  grommet and new zipper.

Email me if you can’t live without a Wristlet of your own.


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