Mary Janes…who’s says they aren’t for cycling?

OK, so I love my Shimano mountain bike shoes. BUT, they are a bit too tight and hot in the summer time. What’s a girl to do then? Why, cut out their tongues out (ack!), remove the laces (OK, confession, I took the laces out a long time ago) and there you have it! A refreshing twist to cycling footwear!

bicycle shoes,eggbeater pedals and shoes

I use Crank Brothers egg beater pedals (LOVE THEM!) so all my cycling footwear must be cleat-friendly. This (and my lower-middle-class income bracket) lowers my fashionable shoe choices exponentially. SO, when I can come up with a sassy alternative, I am super-stoked.

Jealous? Of course you are! I’m thinking about punching holes all over them for more airflow also. What do you think?



  1. Love, love, love these! Silver grommeted holes might look cool punched in the white.

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