Tool & Accessory Bag $24

The T&A Bag – (for tools and accessories, duh.)

inner tube accessory bag

Fill it with tools, money, a small coin purse, make-up, cell phone, business card wallet, iPod – you choose.

I just re-designed this bag . Now it has a D-ring in the side seam.

It’s even better now for attaching keys or to clip to a backpack or your bike. It also holds the coin purse and wallet easily.

  • Zipper closure with chain link pull
  • 7 inches wide at the top
  • 4″ tall with a 1″ bottom
  • Contrasting stitching

inner tube Accessory Bag


I sew this bag from 3 strips of inner tubes. Each is unique because I use a variety of brands of recycled inner tubes.
I use old chain links as zipper pulls. I do use new zippers and thread for durability and practicality but the tubes and pulls are from bike shops and biking pals.

The D-rings are usually re-cycled from belts I find at the thrift store although I do buy some new.






  1. I have a similar bag (yes, no two are alike) and I love it! Thanks Nancita! I took it snowboarding and it kept all my essentials clean and dry on the mountain. I packed it with the sandwich, wallet, iPhone, repair tool, and a peanut butter Nature Valley Granola bar each day and attached the loop to the clip in my hydration pack. Perfect!

  2. It’s great to hear my bags are taking great vacations! Glad the bag came in handy, kept your stuff safe and sound and you had fun!


  3. i NEED one! Can you deliver Saturday?!!!


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