I’ve always liked carrying wristlets when I want to run errands or for an evening out. I like being able to hang a bag from my wrist while opening a door or carrying a glass or two of beer back to the table.

inner tube wristlet

Also, I have some great customers with ideas I like to incorporate into my designs. Here’s the latest:

I made this wristlet by just using the Tools & Accessory bag and adding a strap. The strap is a narrow road bike tube so all I did was stitch it flat a 1/4 inch or so from each edge and then run a narrow piece of strapping plastic I recycled from some large boxes that were shipped to my work. I also have friends give me pieces of the plastic also. The plastic keeps the strap from stretching, strengthens the handle and keeps the stitches from breaking since the thread is a poly-cotton. It is for sale in my Etsy store.

The wristlet below I made by just grabbing my favorite D-Ring bag. I am using one of my keychains for the strap. I really like it. I’ve been carrying it for a couple of weeks now. I like that I can also put a key on it and also take the strap off to use the bag in a purse or backpack. I don’t have one listed yet. It will sell for $25.


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