Bike Week 2011

Bike Week is almost here in Kansas City!

2011 Bike Week in Kansas City May 16 - 20

From May 16th through 20th there will be lots of 2-wheeled fun going on. It’s a great way to introduce (or re-introduce!) people to cycling. Whether it’s a spin through the neighborhood, on a bike path, a commute to work or a long-distance adventure, I’m always glad I got on my bike. And I think most people, once they hop back on, feel the same way.Here’s a link to the 2011 Bike Week calendar. More things are being added so keep checking back.


Coin Purse $11

My original and still quite handy inner tube coin purse. It has a zipper closure with a chain link for a zipper pull. It makes a very unique and affordable gift for guys or gals.

inner tube coin purse by Re-Velo



Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch $14

This little rubber helper can hold your highlighters hostage till you need to let em loose to mark those textbooks. Sharpies can find a great home here too.

I put a patch on my coin purses and decided the longer coin purse/pencil pouch could use an extra pocket too. Plus, I love saying Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch. And of course you can always throw in a few coins if you need to.

It’s also great for make-up brushes and lip gloss. This silky smooth zipper top bag is made from a recycled bike inner tube and has a recycled chain link zipper pull. The patch pocket can keep your cards separate if you crave even more organization.

Like all my rubber bags, these feel great to the touch and each is unique. Some have embossed letters and numbers, some have printing on them, some have none. I punched a few holes in the patch pocket for added style points.

Size is approximately 7 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. Makes a terrific and practical green gift for any pencil pusher in your life.

Click the image below to see it in my Etsy shop.

Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch



Tool & Accessory Bag $24

The T&A Bag – (for tools and accessories, duh.)

inner tube accessory bag

Fill it with tools, money, a small coin purse, make-up, cell phone, business card wallet, iPod – you choose.

I just re-designed this bag . Now it has a D-ring in the side seam.

It’s even better now for attaching keys or to clip to a backpack or your bike. It also holds the coin purse and wallet easily.

  • Zipper closure with chain link pull
  • 7 inches wide at the top
  • 4″ tall with a 1″ bottom
  • Contrasting stitching

inner tube Accessory Bag


I sew this bag from 3 strips of inner tubes. Each is unique because I use a variety of brands of recycled inner tubes.
I use old chain links as zipper pulls. I do use new zippers and thread for durability and practicality but the tubes and pulls are from bike shops and biking pals.

The D-rings are usually re-cycled from belts I find at the thrift store although I do buy some new.





Fashionable Purses made from Bike Inner Tubes – No Bike Needed!

More purses for you to gawk at…

inner tube purses

One has an adjustable strap, the other has the swivel clip so you can hook and unhook at will…if you’re into that sort of thing.

Both have an outside pocket for stashing lottery tickets, secret notes, shopping lists and business cards. They are smooth, sleek and rubbery. And both feel darned lucky to be a part of the fashionable recycled, upcycled, vegan, do-gooder accessory world and not laying around in the landfill. They are smiling and they will make you happy if they end up resting upon your shoulder as you traipse around your world.

I have them up on Etsy now!  If you have questions, email me! They are priced at $39.

For size reference…Caesar is 14 lbs of solid muscle, bone and fur. I just hope he doesn’t pounce on those poor, defenseless purses.

2 inner tube purses

I just put this Grommety Wristlet bag up on Etsy….it was obviously very cold and turning blue that day…or the color balance went terribly terribly wrong…sigh.

I put a CRAZY low price on it so it’ll probably go fast. Have I gone mad?

inner tube wristlet with grommet strap

Stay warm and upright!


Mary Janes…who’s says they aren’t for cycling?

OK, so I love my Shimano mountain bike shoes. BUT, they are a bit too tight and hot in the summer time. What’s a girl to do then? Why, cut out their tongues out (ack!), remove the laces (OK, confession, I took the laces out a long time ago) and there you have it! A refreshing twist to cycling footwear!

bicycle shoes,eggbeater pedals and shoes

I use Crank Brothers egg beater pedals (LOVE THEM!) so all my cycling footwear must be cleat-friendly. This (and my lower-middle-class income bracket) lowers my fashionable shoe choices exponentially. SO, when I can come up with a sassy alternative, I am super-stoked.

Jealous? Of course you are! I’m thinking about punching holes all over them for more airflow also. What do you think?


Wristlet & Grommet Bag for August

I made a new purse this week.

inner tube wristlet with grommet strap

I’ll be honest….it was a mistake. I was sewing along  just swimmingly and had it almost done then I realized…uh oh, no strap. What to do? [Read more…]


My New Commuter Bicycle – Cannondale F7

Cannondale F7

My new commuter. Yes, yes, I fenders, etc.

OK, so it’s not new, I think I got it in 2007. Mark is overhauling my beautiful Bam-Bam so until it’s finished, I’m riding this Cannondale F7 mountian bike. It’s fun. [Read more…]


I Have New Burritos for all your bike tools…I hope you’re hungry.

I just made a fresh batch of burritos. Click on the pics to enlarge….

Inner Tube Tool Roll for bicycle


These sell for $15 apiece or two for $25.

Let me know what you think of these!


Count Down to Bike Week May 17 -21 2010

Bike Week 2010 in KC, MO

I got an email today from Eric Rogers who is coordinating all the activities for Bike Week and the Car Free Challenge. It looks like they have LOTS of activities planned in May. Yay! Good work guys and gals!

Here’s a link to the Car Free Challenge and Bike Week website.

The best link on the page (it should be at the top if you ask me) is called How Not To Get Hit By Cars. Rules to live by. Literally. Riding a bike should be intuitive but unless you ride a lot, there is a lot to be learned about bikes and cars coexisting in traveling harmony and on a bike, lessons you don’t learn can kill you. Just sayin’. Sometimes I see people riding bikes and I’m sure they have a death wish. Riding the wrong way (bike salmon), no lights AND dark clothes at night, riding in groups 3 abreast going up a hill with 5 or more cars behind them. Yes, I know, you CAN take up the whole lane, it’s not against the law and after all you DO have an expensive carbon bike and a cool team jersey on but WHY? Just get in single file for less than a minute and let them pass! I drive too and it makes me nuts.

Anyhoozles, I’m making 250 wallets for Bike Week so if you want one,  just show up at any of the events and I bet you can get one.

I am the captain of  Team Re-Velo for the Car Free Challenge. OK, so it’s only me but I’m STILL the captain. But if you want to be on my team, I’d love to have you join! There are rules however…

1- Must be able to ride a bicycle

2- I haven’t thought of the second one yet.

Here’s a link to the Car Free Challenge site. Just do it!