Bike Of The Day – The Taga

The Dutch do it again. Moms can haul babies in style. Pedal pretty on this 3 -wheeled bike.

Taga Bikes

Taga Bikes

Very fun. Not available in the US.   Great day for a bike ride.  You do NOT want to know what I had on for my commute this morning. [Read more…]


Solar Biker!

Mark found this guy at an estate sale. All he needed was some lube in his joints and he’s riding like a champ again! He goes faster than this but I took a series of still pics and created an animated gif out of it.

1980 Solar Bike

1980 Solar Bike

[Read more…]


Bam! It’s Bamboo!

Mark just finished his first bamboo bike! It rocks!

Mark's first bamboo bike

Mark’s first hand-made bamboo bike.

He rode it to meet me after work on Friday. He was jumping around on it to test the frame and broke a spoke. but the bike is holding up beautifully. I get one next! He wants to build me a recumbent using pieces of a mountain bike frame with a shock in it. I can’t wait!

Bamboo bicycle by Mark G.

Mark designed and built his own bamboo bicycle.

Isn’t it a beauty? We rode over to Volker on Saturday, then to Sage and Daisy, then to the Westport Coffee House and he had people asking about the bamboo bike all the way. My bike? Not so much. But soon…


Something new to hang on to.

Got a fly new set of handlebars for the Specialized.

Bike handlebar set-up.

Dashboard view.

I’m still testing them. It’s so different from my straight bars with bar-ends. I still think I want drop bars but this made for a fun ride to work this am.

Not wonderful with a headwind, but I’ll keep em for awhile. Thanks to the BF for setting this up for me.


I’m pimping my ride…

…with an orange NPR radio!

NPR has never sounded better.

NPR has never sounded better.

and yes, I subscribe to KCUR and do a KILLER Kim Noble impersonation.


Oh, Portland…what a commute!

I got this from It’s so beautiful..and look at the bike lane! How wonderful Kansas City could be if we could just imagine more ways of getting around – and co-existing.

I was just there in November. Someday I think I’ll be moving there.
I’m too old to wait for KC to catch up.


How Green Is My Wheel?


Green Wheel
MIT  scientists are working on a new way to power a bicycle. It’s a power generation, storage and propulsion system known as the GreenWheel that will turn any pedal bicycle into an electric bike.

Check it out on the news site.

From the site:

The team estimates its range at 40,000 miles, or about eight years work of travel at an estimated 20 miles per business day.

“You’ll have to replace the bike before you replace the batteries,” Lin told Discovery News.

By this spring the GreenWheel team hopes to pass out more than a dozen different GreenWheel configurations to both hard-core bike messenger types and novice riders.

I will definitely have an electric bike someday along with my other bicycles.


CruzBike Silvio Recumbent

OK, I want one of these.

Silvio Cruz Bike

Silvio Cruz Bike.

At just under 5′ 3″ tall, I don’t even know if I”m tall enough to ride this one. I have mixed feelings tho because it makes me feel as though I’m crossing over the “old lady” line here but it’s obviously super-fast and uses regular road bike components.
I’m also testing my new WP plug-in. Contact 7. Feel free to contact away!
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I heart Photoshop

Here’s a photo I created in my Digital Photography class last sememster at Johnson County Community College. John Lamberton was my teacher. He’s great and I learned a ton.

Bike Rider in milk


Happy Birthday to Volker!

Volker bicycles celebrated their 1 year anniversary with a little party on Friday. They are good people over there. Great service fast.

And they have a swell website.

They also save innertubes for me for which I’m very grateful.

Congrats to Melissa and Britton!