My Bamboo Bicycle Is Almost Finished

Mark is on the home stretch. He’s nearly done with my bamboo bicycle. Here’s a sneak peak.

my bamboo bike in progress

Bamboo Bike nearly complete.

He still has more work to do, of course. Lots of sanding and more struts, I think. He came up with the design. I think it’s really great. The frame creates a rack over the back wheel. The black is carbon fiber. Very high-tech, eh?

I think I’m going to call her Bambina. Whataya think? I hope to take her to the Pedaler’s Jamboree in Columbia, MO this weekend. It’s on the KATY trail, nice and flat. It will be a good test. A relaxing ride with good music, good food and good people.


Bam! It’s Bamboo!

Mark just finished his first bamboo bike! It rocks!

Mark's first bamboo bike

Mark’s first hand-made bamboo bike.

He rode it to meet me after work on Friday. He was jumping around on it to test the frame and broke a spoke. but the bike is holding up beautifully. I get one next! He wants to build me a recumbent using pieces of a mountain bike frame with a shock in it. I can’t wait!

Bamboo bicycle by Mark G.

Mark designed and built his own bamboo bicycle.

Isn’t it a beauty? We rode over to Volker on Saturday, then to Sage and Daisy, then to the Westport Coffee House and he had people asking about the bamboo bike all the way. My bike? Not so much. But soon…