Urban Cyclocross Challenge Tomorrow – New Location

Street Cred 4 - Stage 3 - Urban Cyclocross Challenge, KC,  MO

Stage 4 is TOMORROW. NOW IN THE WEST BOTTOMS. Meet at the corner of Hickory and St. Louis.

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Mark your blackberries, iphones, daybooks, territory…just remember to be there! I hear they’re serving peeps and beer.

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Street Cred 4 / Roadie Douche Crit

Roadie Douche Crit bike race

The 2nd in the Street Cred Series

Come on out and test your legs in this January 16th crit race in Kansas City, MO.

Sign up at 12:30pm, race at 1pm.

James B. Nutter parking lot, 4153 Broadway.

You look sexier in a helmet, so wear one. And bring $5 .

Prizes include my Re-Velo bags (Which ones? You need to show up to find out.) so what better reason to ride your bike on a cold day through the mean streets of KC? Hopefully the snow will be gone by then or it could get interesting. Oh, I’m sure it will be interesting no matter what.

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Tour Of Missouri – My brush with greatness – Christian Vande Velde

I rode my bicycle from the house to see The final stage of The Tour Of Missouri end in KC. It’s was really fun. We rode to at least 6 different parts of the course and I took LOTS of photos. I put 30 miles on my bike. Much less than the 72 miles the pros rode but I was tired when I got home, nonetheless.

The highlight was talking to Christian VanDevelde. I made some stupid remark and he actually answered me and I got a GREAT shot of him.

Christian Vande Velde at The Tour Of Missouri

Christian Vande Velde at The Tour Of Missouri

This is NOT zoomed in nor cropped. For once, I was in the right place at the right time. Here are all my pics on Flickr.com

OK, I didn’t forget the winner. Dave Zabriskie. With his bottle of Missouri Wine, of course.

Dave Zabriskie after winning Tour Of Missouri

Dave Zabriskie after winning Tour Of Missouri


Bilenky Junk Yard Race

Oh this would be fun! It’s the 2010 Bilenky Junk Yard Race in Philadelphia. I updated this post as my old video went bye bye.