Family Bicycles Winter Film Festival

Went to see The Bicycle Thief last night at Family Bicycles in Waldo.

Depressing movie =  fun evening.

Kansas City Bicyclist merino wool jersey

Plus, got to see the merino wool bike jerseys in person. I SO want one. They are perfect for Spring, Fall and Winter biking. And they aren’t itchy like wool back in the “good old days.”

You should stop in and see them, and go to the next movie. It’s free AND they have free snacks and drinks. You can’t beat that!

Here’s the schedule for the next flicks.

Plus, you can shop for Re-Velo bags there too, of course. I certainly won’t discourage that.


Inner Tube Ride

Rode to Family Bikes today to get more inner tubes.

Trip to Family Bikes in Waldo

Inner tubes fit nicely in Basil Panniers.

Theresa, the proprietress was there so had a nice conversation with her and she showed me some lovely Endura wool tops, some gloves and I also really want the knickers. They are on sale, I think, so I may be going back for more than tubes!

The sun made it seem warmer for sure. Lovely day for a bike ride. Hardly seems like Christmas week.

Stopped by the Coffee Girls for a decaf on the way home.  There were no girls there, by the way, except for me.