Fashionable Purses made from Bike Inner Tubes – No Bike Needed!

More purses for you to gawk at…

inner tube purses

One has an adjustable strap, the other has the swivel clip so you can hook and unhook at will…if you’re into that sort of thing.

Both have an outside pocket for stashing lottery tickets, secret notes, shopping lists and business cards. They are smooth, sleek and rubbery. And both feel darned lucky to be a part of the fashionable recycled, upcycled, vegan, do-gooder accessory world and not laying around in the landfill. They are smiling and they will make you happy if they end up resting upon your shoulder as you traipse around your world.

I have them up on Etsy now!  If you have questions, email me! They are priced at $39.

For size reference…Caesar is 14 lbs of solid muscle, bone and fur. I just hope he doesn’t pounce on those poor, defenseless purses.

2 inner tube purses

I just put this Grommety Wristlet bag up on Etsy….it was obviously very cold and turning blue that day…or the color balance went terribly terribly wrong…sigh.

I put a CRAZY low price on it so it’ll probably go fast. Have I gone mad?

inner tube wristlet with grommet strap

Stay warm and upright!


Spring Time Is New Purse Time!

I just created this fringed inner tube purse last Sunday. I love how it turned out!

I call it the Fringe Benefits Purse.

Fringe Purse lounging on the deck.

(The purse is not this blue. I didn’t white balance.)

I love the fringe. I’d been wanting to play around with it for some time and it works great for this bag.  Made of recycled  tubes, this purse is super comfortable and made to be worn across your body, leaving you hands free to do whatever it is you do when you need to have all your stuff on you.

Fringe inner tube purse

It lays flat against your hip, making it easy to walk with and it doesn’t make you look fat.

It’s unlined and here are the deets, as the young kids like to say. I think. I have no idea since I don’t have kids. Word.


9 inch top opening with a 9 inch black metal zipper
14″ width at widest point, 12″ width at bottom
2 D-rings
51 inch strap

I reinforced the strap internally with recycled (oh yes, I hoard) plastic strapping for strength and now it won’t stretch which will keep your wallet, phone, lip gloss, keys, iPod, cosmetics, comb, brush, patch kit, bounce free!

Strap detail shows markings on inner tube

Strap Detail with D-Ring and markings

This was sold on my Etsy store. Check it out! Heart me if you like it!

Update: This purse now lives in Florence, Italy!!!! I envy this purse. I sold it 2/2011 to a wonderful Italian photographer. I’m hoping she’ll send me photos of it.


Purse with Metal Swivel Clip and D-Ring

Finally I get the photos up!

Here’s the new purse. I thought it looked quite comfortable out in the snow…although I wasn’t!

Re-Velo inner tube purse hipster with swivel clip hardware

Inner tube purse in snowy environment!

It’s 8.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. The strap is 55 inches long.

The strap can be un-clipped from the D-ring so you can put your keys on there or thread it through your epaulet….if you have one.

Purse zipper pull and hardware.

The strap is longer than I usually make , which is too long for me, (I’m 5 foot 2.5 inches) but just right for a taller or bigger gal – especially over a coat.

The other end of the strap is sewn into the seam. This strap is NOT adjustable.

The purse has gray contrast stitching and I put a rubber ribbon on the zipper pull for charm and ease of opening and closing the zipper. It also has an outside pocket that is 5 inches tall. Very handy for grocery lists, your phone, a pen…

Update: I’ve re-listed a very similar style on Etsy. It’s made to order.

Email me if you want a shorter strap. I can do that for you.


New Purse

inner tube shoulder bag
Cheng Shin and Specialized inner tubes bring you….my newest purse design.

After riding my bike to a craft store yesterday and not finding any silver D-Rings, I made a purse I’ve been thinking about making for a long time. I’m really happy with it.

It’s simple AND stylish. It’s a shoulder bag with a 51 inch strap, contrasting stitching, heavy-duty zipper and an outside pouch. It’s unlined.

Instead of using hardware, I sewed the strap onto the bag on both ends. The finished size is 7 1/4 inches wide by 8 1/4 inches tall with a 5 1/2 inch pocket on the front.

This purse has been sold!

If you want me to email you when new purses are available, fill out the form below. I should have new ones up by Monday.

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New Purse Prototype

New Inner Tube Purse

New Inner Tube Purse

I made a new purse based on the Prototype A favorite. I decided to use plastic hardware so it’s less flashy but the consensus so far, is…BRING BACK THE SILVER METAL!

Here are some pics…what do you think?

Click the pics to enlarge…

And I haven’t forgotten all of you who voted on the prototypes…the drawing is coming….