Purse with Metal Swivel Clip and D-Ring

Finally I get the photos up!

Here’s the new purse. I thought it looked quite comfortable out in the snow…although I wasn’t!

Re-Velo inner tube purse hipster with swivel clip hardware

Inner tube purse in snowy environment!

It’s 8.5 inches tall by 7 inches wide. The strap is 55 inches long.

The strap can be un-clipped from the D-ring so you can put your keys on there or thread it through your epaulet….if you have one.

Purse zipper pull and hardware.

The strap is longer than I usually make , which is too long for me, (I’m 5 foot 2.5 inches) but just right for a taller or bigger gal – especially over a coat.

The other end of the strap is sewn into the seam. This strap is NOT adjustable.

The purse has gray contrast stitching and I put a rubber ribbon on the zipper pull for charm and ease of opening and closing the zipper. It also has an outside pocket that is 5 inches tall. Very handy for grocery lists, your phone, a pen…

Update: I’ve re-listed a very similar style on Etsy. It’s made to order.

Email me if you want a shorter strap. I can do that for you.