Inner Tube Key Chain w/ Snap Closure $7

bike inner tube key chain wrist with snap

Tired of losing your keys? I’m here to help.
It’s a recycled bicycle inner tube key strap with a snap on the end so you can attach it to a belt loop, a purse, backpack, around your wrist…you choose.

I recycled some plastic strapping from shipping boxes and put it inside the strap it so it won’t stretch. It also makes it sturdier.

Comes in fabulous black with black or white stitching for that little extra bit of style.

The inner diameter of the keyring is 1 1/4″. Plenty big for a hearty set of keys. The strap is approximately 10 inches in circumference, plenty big for a healthy wrist.

key fob bike inner tube

A silver metal heavy duty snap holds it all together so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Wristlet Clutch Accessory Bag $27

inner tube wristlet


Accessory Bag + Key Ring = 1 Gorgeous Wristlet

I combined my accessory bag with my key chain to make a super versatile wristlet. You can always remove the strap and use it separately.

The bag has a 1 inch bottom so you have plenty of room to store a coin purse, card wallet, a cell phone and lip gloss.

And it’s still small enough to put in a bigger purse or backpack if you like to carry lots of stuff with you.

The inner diameter of the keyring is 1 1/4″. Plenty big for a healthy set of keys. the strap is approximately 10 inches in circumference – plenty big for your wrist. A silver metal rivet holds it together.

inner tube wristlet with detachable keyring strap

The zippered top features a bicycle chain link zipper pull.

It’s a versatile bag made from recycled bike inner tubes, and the gray top-stitching gives it some extra style.

Measures approx. 7 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall with a 1 inch bottom width.


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I’ve always liked carrying wristlets when I want to run errands or for an evening out. I like being able to hang a bag from my wrist while opening a door or carrying a glass or two of beer back to the table.

inner tube wristlet

Also, I have some great customers with ideas I like to incorporate into my designs. Here’s the latest:

I made this wristlet by just using the Tools & Accessory bag and adding a strap. The strap is a narrow road bike tube so all I did was stitch it flat a 1/4 inch or so from each edge and then run a narrow piece of strapping plastic I recycled from some large boxes that were shipped to my work. I also have friends give me pieces of the plastic also. The plastic keeps the strap from stretching, strengthens the handle and keeps the stitches from breaking since the thread is a poly-cotton. It is for sale in my Etsy store.

The wristlet below I made by just grabbing my favorite D-Ring bag. I am using one of my keychains for the strap. I really like it. I’ve been carrying it for a couple of weeks now. I like that I can also put a key on it and also take the strap off to use the bag in a purse or backpack. I don’t have one listed yet. It will sell for $25.


My New Bamboo Cargo Bike is Lovely and Amazing

OK, I am now officially the luckiest girl in the world. I own a handmade bamboo cargo bike.  It rides beatifully and if I was fast, it would be too.

Bamboo Cargo Bike At the Post Office

I’ve been riding it for almost a month now. Just short trips so far. I’ve carried very heavy loads and nothing at all. It rides well with both. Marko added a bigger chain ring since it was geared so low I couldn’t really pedal going over 13 mph or so.  So, I’m testing a much larger gear set up. So far so good.

Here are some photos.

The wheelbase is 5 inches longer than a standard bike and the rack is part of the frame. My Basil panniers fit perfectly on it. I will get a wicker basket for the front also.

Mark is now building another bamboo and steel frame. Totally different geometry. Can’t wait to try it.


Tour De Brew – Filling and Delicious!

The first annual Tour De Brew was  a blast! Over 800 people signed up! Amazing for a 1st time bicycling event in KC.

I did the 15 miler on my trusty Bambina with my huge Basil panniers, allowing me to carry 2 small children if need be. Luckily, I didn’t need to.

rode bamboo bike on the Tour De Brew - slogan of the day

I met up with my pal Elise, who was riding solo also so we decided to team up for our brewery-seeing tour. She had a real camera so she got some lovely photos. She makes some wild and wacky stuff. Check out her stuff  at Pilot Valve.

We missed a few places since not all were marked for the slightly unawares (myself). Only got stopped by one train (in the west bottoms) and we saw a deer! It was scrambling up and over the railroad tracks heading towards DST on SW Blvd.  [Read more…]


Key Fob Wristlet Key Ring – InnerTube Style!

I now have keychain key fob wristlet key rings in the Re-Velo line. I never know quite what to call them. You may have noticed that.

6 Re-Velo recycle inner tub key fob wristlet thingys


They are made from a strip of bike inner tube that I sewed with contrasting stitching. I used a 1 1/4″ split key ring (room for plenty o’ room for keys and grocery store, pet store cards) and I put it all together (OK, I hammered it with conviction) with a metal rivet and washer. The strap is plenty big for your wrist. It’s approximately 10 inches in  circumference.

Anyhoozles, they are on my etsy store now so check ’em out if you need a hand-free way to keep your keys close.  Here’s another photo to tantalize you…

recycled inner tube wristlet key chain


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Credit Card / Business Card Wallets $7

I’ve got new wallets in the store!

Inner tube wallets

Inner tube wallet with gray contrasting stitching

These have gray contrasting stitching. The few I’ve done have been very popular so I made a fresh batch.

They’ll hold several business or credit cards in each side and it flips shut so nothing ever falls out. It works great in a jeans pocket, jersey pocket, jacket or purse.

They are all different since the tubes are all unique. I like to put a notch on one side and scatter-shot holes on the other. Or both. That way your cards can breathe…

Wallets measure 4 inches wide by approx. 3 inches tall closed. When open, it is approx. 5 3/4 inches tall.

These are great gifts for the guy or gal who doesn’t like to carry a lot of stuff. I use this and a coin purse for my bills and cash and I’m all set.

You can take one home for just $7.


Patch Pocket Coin Purse $13

I added a patch pocket to the coin purse. Now your credit cards can snub your cash all they want to. They never have to share now that they each have their own space.

Just click the photo for more info or to purchase.

This Patch Pocket Coin Purse is $13.

inner tube coin purse by Re-Velo


New Sporty Wallets

I am playing around with a slightly different wallet design. This one is overall an inch shorter than the standard card holder wallet I make now. I can get 8 per tube now instead of 7 and a piece of scrap.

inner tube card holder and wallet

I think they are easy to get the cards in and out of.  What do you think of them?

smaller inner tube wallet



Commuter Bike Update

Still on the Cannondale F7 but now it has a custom bamboo rack on the back. I love it.

Cannondale bike

bamboo bike rack

I just wear a backpack if I have extra stuff. When it gets hot I’ll need a bigger rack maybe cuz I hate having anything on my back in the heat but for now it’s super swell.

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