Commuter Bike Update

Still on the Cannondale F7 but now it has a custom bamboo rack on the back. I love it.

Cannondale bike

bamboo bike rack

I just wear a backpack if I have extra stuff. When it gets hot I’ll need a bigger rack maybe cuz I hate having anything on my back in the heat but for now it’s super swell.

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Bike Week 2011

Bike Week is almost here in Kansas City!

2011 Bike Week in Kansas City May 16 - 20

From May 16th through 20th there will be lots of 2-wheeled fun going on. It’s a great way to introduce (or re-introduce!) people to cycling. Whether it’s a spin through the neighborhood, on a bike path, a commute to work or a long-distance adventure, I’m always glad I got on my bike. And I think most people, once they hop back on, feel the same way.Here’s a link to the 2011 Bike Week calendar. More things are being added so keep checking back.


Mary Janes…who’s says they aren’t for cycling?

OK, so I love my Shimano mountain bike shoes. BUT, they are a bit too tight and hot in the summer time. What’s a girl to do then? Why, cut out their tongues out (ack!), remove the laces (OK, confession, I took the laces out a long time ago) and there you have it! A refreshing twist to cycling footwear!

bicycle shoes,eggbeater pedals and shoes

I use Crank Brothers egg beater pedals (LOVE THEM!) so all my cycling footwear must be cleat-friendly. This (and my lower-middle-class income bracket) lowers my fashionable shoe choices exponentially. SO, when I can come up with a sassy alternative, I am super-stoked.

Jealous? Of course you are! I’m thinking about punching holes all over them for more airflow also. What do you think?


My New Commuter Bicycle – Cannondale F7

Cannondale F7

My new commuter. Yes, yes, I fenders, etc.

OK, so it’s not new, I think I got it in 2007. Mark is overhauling my beautiful Bam-Bam so until it’s finished, I’m riding this Cannondale F7 mountian bike. It’s fun. [Read more…]


Count Down to Bike Week May 17 -21 2010

Bike Week 2010 in KC, MO

I got an email today from Eric Rogers who is coordinating all the activities for Bike Week and the Car Free Challenge. It looks like they have LOTS of activities planned in May. Yay! Good work guys and gals!

Here’s a link to the Car Free Challenge and Bike Week website.

The best link on the page (it should be at the top if you ask me) is called How Not To Get Hit By Cars. Rules to live by. Literally. Riding a bike should be intuitive but unless you ride a lot, there is a lot to be learned about bikes and cars coexisting in traveling harmony and on a bike, lessons you don’t learn can kill you. Just sayin’. Sometimes I see people riding bikes and I’m sure they have a death wish. Riding the wrong way (bike salmon), no lights AND dark clothes at night, riding in groups 3 abreast going up a hill with 5 or more cars behind them. Yes, I know, you CAN take up the whole lane, it’s not against the law and after all you DO have an expensive carbon bike and a cool team jersey on but WHY? Just get in single file for less than a minute and let them pass! I drive too and it makes me nuts.

Anyhoozles, I’m making 250 wallets for Bike Week so if you want one,  just show up at any of the events and I bet you can get one.

I am the captain of  Team Re-Velo for the Car Free Challenge. OK, so it’s only me but I’m STILL the captain. But if you want to be on my team, I’d love to have you join! There are rules however…

1- Must be able to ride a bicycle

2- I haven’t thought of the second one yet.

Here’s a link to the Car Free Challenge site. Just do it!


2010 Goal – Ride 2010 miles

This goal should be easy…and a lot better than my dismal 631+ miles last year.

my mileage total on the cateye

The computer says...

I actually did probably 100 miles more than that since I rode the bambina a few weeks sans computer. Also didn’t have one on the mountain bike during my epic snow rides.

Anyhoozle, my goal is to do 2010 this year.  How original. And hopefully ride faster in the process.


Riverfront Trail Ribbon Cutting Tomorrow!

KC, MO Riverfront Trail

Hey, if you can get some time off work tomorrow, this should be a great event.

This is from the KC Port Authority website:

ASB Underpass Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Please join the Port Authority for the ribbon cutting of the ASB Bridge Underpass on the downtown riverfront January 15 at 10:00 a.m. The much anticipated underpass is the critical link along the Riverfront Heritage Trail, connecting Richard L Berkley Riverfront Park and the Riverfront West/River Market Area. The ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony will feature a catered gourmet brunch prepared by Executive Chef, Albert Tash, within a heated tent provided by Ameristar Casino. The event will be held at the Underpass, with parking available beneath the Grand Avenue Viaduct. Bicyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to join us as we celebrate this milestone for the Port Authority and Downtown Riverfront.

For more info and to RSVP…


Family Bicycles Winter Film Festival

Went to see The Bicycle Thief last night at Family Bicycles in Waldo.

Depressing movie =  fun evening.

Kansas City Bicyclist merino wool jersey

Plus, got to see the merino wool bike jerseys in person. I SO want one. They are perfect for Spring, Fall and Winter biking. And they aren’t itchy like wool back in the “good old days.”

You should stop in and see them, and go to the next movie. It’s free AND they have free snacks and drinks. You can’t beat that!

Here’s the schedule for the next flicks.

Plus, you can shop for Re-Velo bags there too, of course. I certainly won’t discourage that.


Snow Biking

Snow Biking in Fairway, KS

Off I go into the snowy suburban wilderness.

Spent Xmas Day eating, watching Cyclocross videos on my computer, eating, riding my bikes in the snow, and eating. Bamboona Bicicletta is not a snow bike…at least not with the tires I had on her. I didn’t fall but it was a bit sketchy.

So, boyfriend took off her cranks and pedals and put them on my Cannondale F7 Feminine mtn. bike and off I went. It was fun. I fell alot trying to ride through a foot of snow in the park. He also coated some Shimano Mtn. bike shoes with polyurethane to waterproof them for me. My regular shoes have mesh on the outside and duct tape was not doing the job. Wore thick socks and my feet felt pretty good but I wasn’t out for long.

Snow Biking

Making seat adjustment before setting off to bicycle in the new snow.

Bike Clothing worn:

  • Ibex Woolies half zip and tights
  • Patagonia wool crew shirt (old and ratty and I love it)
  • Nylon vest
  • Northface wind pants
  • Marmot Pre-Cip jacket and rain pants
  • Knit gloves and super-warm Patagonia mittens
  • Bomber hat

So, I was plenty warm. FINALLY my fingers felt fine. The mittens belong to the BF so I’m bidding on some mittens on eBay today. Keeping my fingers warm has proved to be impossible on my bicycle. I think mittens or the lobster gloves are the only answer for me.

I hope everyone had a swell Christmas day. Get out and ride!


Helmet Cozy

No,  it's not my hair, it's my helmet cozy!

No, it's not my hair, it's my helmet cozy!

If you see this on the street riding a bicycle, don’t hit it. It’s me.

I crocheted this helmet cozy last year. I really don’t know how to crochet so don’t look too close. I like it tho. It may not keep my head any warmer but I THINK it does so that’s enough for me.