Bicycle Repairman


My hero….


Great Animated Bicycle Video


Bike Rush Hour Video AND My Bike To Work Day Outfit!

But first, here’s my outfit for Bike To Work Day!

biking attire

Bicycle Fashion – for the not so fashion forward

This video was so inspiring to watch! I may see one or two bikes max on my commute. And usually none! It’s lonely on my commute. This brought a tear to my eye. I want to go back! But for now….since it’s almost 10pm…I need to go home! My final Bike Week Commute…(but don’t cry – I ride year ’round)

Video is courtesy of   I can’t wait to get a video camera! Did I tell you I was probably one of the first female videographers in the USA…or at least the midwest? I started in 1982…cameras were SO heavy…I’ve never owned one so I’m saving up to get one now.

Be safe!


Oh, Portland…what a commute!

I got this from It’s so beautiful..and look at the bike lane! How wonderful Kansas City could be if we could just imagine more ways of getting around – and co-existing.

I was just there in November. Someday I think I’ll be moving there.
I’m too old to wait for KC to catch up.


Bilenky Junk Yard Race

Oh this would be fun! It’s the 2010 Bilenky Junk Yard Race in Philadelphia. I updated this post as my old video went bye bye.