Bike Of The Day – The Taga

The Dutch do it again. Moms can haul babies in style. Pedal pretty on this 3 -wheeled bike.

Taga Bikes

Taga Bikes

Very fun. Not available in the US.   Great day for a bike ride.  You do NOT want to know what I had on for my commute this morning. [Read more…]


My Fujiyama mama cargo bike


Caesar on Cargo Bike


Mark made me a cool cargo bike. He’s modifying it now cuz the steering was a bit squirrely. Fun AND scary. That can be fun, right?

He made it out of my 1980 Fuji that I adored and had made into a single speed. The new frame is lounging in the bathtub in the first shot. You can still see part of the beautiful turquoise/aqua paint.

I like being able to take lil’ Caesar with me on rides. He’s a wonderful passenger. He rides in my pannier for now.

Mark built my fujiyama mama cargo bike last fall and he’s been busy working on his own projects  since then (he is building bamboo bikes – yes, bamboo bikes) but promises he’ll get to it when he can. He’s changing the design and steering to make it more stable. I’ll post new pics as it’s coming along.

Sorry I’m so late posting pics but I’m just now getting my blog and Re-Velo bag business up and running. Let me know what you think!


Custom Cargo Bike ride with Caesar dog


Marko on Margo, the newest Cargo

cargo bike

Testing the new cargo bike. Marko always takes Caesar along. He loves to ride in his basket!