Inner Tube Key Chain w/ Snap Closure $7

bike inner tube key chain wrist with snap

Tired of losing your keys? I’m here to help.
It’s a recycled bicycle inner tube key strap with a snap on the end so you can attach it to a belt loop, a purse, backpack, around your wrist…you choose.

I recycled some plastic strapping from shipping boxes and put it inside the strap it so it won’t stretch. It also makes it sturdier.

Comes in fabulous black with black or white stitching for that little extra bit of style.

The inner diameter of the keyring is 1 1/4″. Plenty big for a hearty set of keys. The strap is approximately 10 inches in circumference, plenty big for a healthy wrist.

key fob bike inner tube

A silver metal heavy duty snap holds it all together so you have one less thing to worry about.

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Wristlet Clutch Accessory Bag $27

inner tube wristlet


Accessory Bag + Key Ring = 1 Gorgeous Wristlet

I combined my accessory bag with my key chain to make a super versatile wristlet. You can always remove the strap and use it separately.

The bag has a 1 inch bottom so you have plenty of room to store a coin purse, card wallet, a cell phone and lip gloss.

And it’s still small enough to put in a bigger purse or backpack if you like to carry lots of stuff with you.

The inner diameter of the keyring is 1 1/4″. Plenty big for a healthy set of keys. the strap is approximately 10 inches in circumference – plenty big for your wrist. A silver metal rivet holds it together.

inner tube wristlet with detachable keyring strap

The zippered top features a bicycle chain link zipper pull.

It’s a versatile bag made from recycled bike inner tubes, and the gray top-stitching gives it some extra style.

Measures approx. 7 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall with a 1 inch bottom width.


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Credit Card / Business Card Wallets $7

I’ve got new wallets in the store!

Inner tube wallets

Inner tube wallet with gray contrasting stitching

These have gray contrasting stitching. The few I’ve done have been very popular so I made a fresh batch.

They’ll hold several business or credit cards in each side and it flips shut so nothing ever falls out. It works great in a jeans pocket, jersey pocket, jacket or purse.

They are all different since the tubes are all unique. I like to put a notch on one side and scatter-shot holes on the other. Or both. That way your cards can breathe…

Wallets measure 4 inches wide by approx. 3 inches tall closed. When open, it is approx. 5 3/4 inches tall.

These are great gifts for the guy or gal who doesn’t like to carry a lot of stuff. I use this and a coin purse for my bills and cash and I’m all set.

You can take one home for just $7.


Patch Pocket Coin Purse $13

I added a patch pocket to the coin purse. Now your credit cards can snub your cash all they want to. They never have to share now that they each have their own space.

Just click the photo for more info or to purchase.

This Patch Pocket Coin Purse is $13.

inner tube coin purse by Re-Velo


Coin Purse $11

My original and still quite handy inner tube coin purse. It has a zipper closure with a chain link for a zipper pull. It makes a very unique and affordable gift for guys or gals.

inner tube coin purse by Re-Velo



Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch $14

This little rubber helper can hold your highlighters hostage till you need to let em loose to mark those textbooks. Sharpies can find a great home here too.

I put a patch on my coin purses and decided the longer coin purse/pencil pouch could use an extra pocket too. Plus, I love saying Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch. And of course you can always throw in a few coins if you need to.

It’s also great for make-up brushes and lip gloss. This silky smooth zipper top bag is made from a recycled bike inner tube and has a recycled chain link zipper pull. The patch pocket can keep your cards separate if you crave even more organization.

Like all my rubber bags, these feel great to the touch and each is unique. Some have embossed letters and numbers, some have printing on them, some have none. I punched a few holes in the patch pocket for added style points.

Size is approximately 7 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. Makes a terrific and practical green gift for any pencil pusher in your life.

Click the image below to see it in my Etsy shop.

Patch Pocket Pencil Pouch



Tool & Accessory Bag $24

The T&A Bag – (for tools and accessories, duh.)

inner tube accessory bag

Fill it with tools, money, a small coin purse, make-up, cell phone, business card wallet, iPod – you choose.

I just re-designed this bag . Now it has a D-ring in the side seam.

It’s even better now for attaching keys or to clip to a backpack or your bike. It also holds the coin purse and wallet easily.

  • Zipper closure with chain link pull
  • 7 inches wide at the top
  • 4″ tall with a 1″ bottom
  • Contrasting stitching

inner tube Accessory Bag


I sew this bag from 3 strips of inner tubes. Each is unique because I use a variety of brands of recycled inner tubes.
I use old chain links as zipper pulls. I do use new zippers and thread for durability and practicality but the tubes and pulls are from bike shops and biking pals.

The D-rings are usually re-cycled from belts I find at the thrift store although I do buy some new.