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I keep forgetting to give a big shout-out to Adam and the people at Sunflower Outdoor and Bike for being so nice to me and saving tubes for me.
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This Bag Wins the Coin Toss

Re-Velo Coin Purse

This is now my favorite inner tube bag. I use it to carry cash, biz cards, coins, and swim fins. My cell phone fits in it too!

Coin Purse made from bike inner tube

Small Coin Purse with zipper and chain link pull.

OK, swim fins won’t fit. But I love this little bag. This one measures approximately 5 inches wide by 3 3/4 tall. It’s from a wider mountain bike tube. Most are not this tall. Here’s the back. Not as much going on on this side. But every tube is like a snowflake, unique and beautiful. Only tubes aren’t so melty.

This little beauty can be yours for just $11.

Click here to order!

Coin purse back

Re-Velo Small Coin Purse back side.


Sewing Rubber is Fun!

Yes, hard to believe but it’s true. Thankfully I have access to an industrial machine. The mighty Rex. It’s tough to sew – OK, impossible – on my home sewing machine.

Here’s a beauty shot.

Sewing bicycle inner tubes

Mmmm. Rubber!

The tubes are cut to the correct size and ready to be made into lovely and useful Re-Velo bags.


Re-Velo bags on my back pack

I bought a Talk Back backpack from Jansport a long time ago when I worked for Lee Jeans. I programmed it with Re-Velo information. Silly but fun.

Re-Velo wallet, bag and backpack

Backpack with Re-Velo Bags

The photo shows my Re-Velo wallet and accessory bag.


I’m a Coffee Achiever

Am I the only one who remembers those weird commercials? But in fact, I AM a coffee achiever.

Tiny cup o' joe.

Tiny cup o’ joe.

And I so want a new espresso machine. Mine is 15 years old and not made to take the daily abuse inflicted on it by 2 coffee addicts.

I read the Coffee Geek reviews and I’ve determined that the machine I must have is anything over $900. And I need a $500 grinder. My needs are simple.


Long Coin Purse

The Re-Velo Long Coin Purse / Pen and Pencil Case is indispensable for carrying pens, cash, cards and phone. Toss it in a bag, purse or backpack and your stuff stays protected and together!

long inner tube coin purse

This bag features a chain link for the zipper pull. The Long Coin Purse measures approximately 7 inches long x 3 3/4 inches tall.

Need a smaller coin purse? check this out.


Inner Tube Wallet

This simple design is small, sleek and mighty! My handy wallet holds several credit and business cards and folds so nothing falls out of a bike jersey, pocket or purse.

Credit Card Biz Card Wallet

Some wallets may have raised lettering or a painted logo as each tube is unique. I create all wallets from re-cycled mountain bike tubes I gather from a variety of local bicycle shops. You are sure to get a one-of-a-kind item!

Save a tube from the landfill! Go green with your green! Only $7 and your credit cards and favorite photos could be riding in style and comfort. I also tuck a $20 in mine just in case!

  • 4″ wide x 3″ tall closed. 5 and 3/4 inches tall when open.

The Re-Velo Wallet can carry YOUR cards for $7.