Snow Biking

Snow Biking in Fairway, KS

Off I go into the snowy suburban wilderness.

Spent Xmas Day eating, watching Cyclocross videos on my computer, eating, riding my bikes in the snow, and eating. Bamboona Bicicletta is not a snow bike…at least not with the tires I had on her. I didn’t fall but it was a bit sketchy.

So, boyfriend took off her cranks and pedals and put them on my Cannondale F7 Feminine mtn. bike and off I went. It was fun. I fell alot trying to ride through a foot of snow in the park. He also coated some Shimano Mtn. bike shoes with polyurethane to waterproof them for me. My regular shoes have mesh on the outside and duct tape was not doing the job. Wore thick socks and my feet felt pretty good but I wasn’t out for long.

Snow Biking

Making seat adjustment before setting off to bicycle in the new snow.

Bike Clothing worn:

  • Ibex Woolies half zip and tights
  • Patagonia wool crew shirt (old and ratty and I love it)
  • Nylon vest
  • Northface wind pants
  • Marmot Pre-Cip jacket and rain pants
  • Knit gloves and super-warm Patagonia mittens
  • Bomber hat

So, I was plenty warm. FINALLY my fingers felt fine. The mittens belong to the BF so I’m bidding on some mittens on eBay today. Keeping my fingers warm has proved to be impossible on my bicycle. I think mittens or the lobster gloves are the only answer for me.

I hope everyone had a swell Christmas day. Get out and ride!