700 Specialized miles deserves Muddy’s hot chocolate

I finally did it. I rode over 700 miles on Sunday. I rode my bike to work 3 days last week, Saturday and Sunday and back to work yesterday.

I got a ride home last night though. It was late and it was cold. Today was nicer but I was running late. Not a good excuse I know.

I really like my Specialized Vita. It’s just my size (I’m 5 foot 2 and a half, sometimes 3 when I wake up in the morning).

Here’s a new pic of it.

bike in Loose Park, KC, MO

Mr. Loose in his park with our bicycles.┬áNotice how crafty I was in not shooting my shadow…that’s me in the bush.

We also went to Muddy’s. Mark bought me a hot chocolate. It was WONDERFUL.


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