My New Commuter Bicycle – Cannondale F7

Cannondale F7

My new commuter. Yes, yes, I fenders, etc.

OK, so it’s not new, I think I got it in 2007. Mark is overhauling my beautiful Bam-Bam so until it’s finished, I’m riding this Cannondale F7 mountian bike. It’s fun. He put really light and beautiful wheels on it (he built them) with big slick tires. Bitchin’ eh?

I hate using a backpack but he had persuaded me again to try it. I think I’ll end up putting a rack on it with a small pannier. I will also make a handlebar bag for it. I added a big brass bell and I have a headlight but don’t have it attached all the time.

I’m getting used to having a front shock again. So much more fun to go up and off curbs with that and the soft slicks. I keep them slightly under-inflated. I need to scuff them up so I won’t slide around if it rains. I have plastic fenders that attach really fast too so no worries there.

Riding my bike to work is so fun. I feel so much better if I ride to work than if I drive. Not that my ride is that far…here’s a pic with my new commuter shoes and a wild skirt I made a few years ago. I feel I embody all the highs and lows of fashion and modernity…and sarcasm.

Bike commuting outfit

Happy cycling!


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